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Nanjing Foreign Language School, Xianlin Campus
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Nanjing Foreign  Language School Xianlin Campus is situated in the central district of the  Xianlin University Town. It has a total area of 350 mu, with the school  buildings occupying 170 thousand sq. meters. Apart from teaching, residential,  and dining areas, it also has a sports center, computer center, ample internet  connections, multi-media center, technological activity center, arts and craft  center, a drama center, and assembly halls which are all incorporated into the  best and most up-to-date technology.

The school is well  situated, amidst other high-quality educational institutions, thus, creating an  academic environment, which is conducive to learning.It is divided into primary,  junior secondary and senior secondary sections and international high school,  comprising 105 classes and a student body of 4044.  It is accepting students  from all over China. It was formally opened on the 1st September  2003.

The School’s  philosophy and method of delivery are in tune with that of Nanjing Foreign  Languages School. The emphasis is on creating an ideal environment for the  students, right psychological learning situations and promoting good–learning  habits in order to foster character-building and nurturing individual qualities  of the students.

The school pays  particular attention to curriculum design, with special emphasis on the teaching  of English, computer-assisted learning, and incorporation of special activities  and allowing free choice of subjects in the normal curriculum.  The school is  about to offer over a hundred selective subjects.  Each year, it organizes  foreign languages, arts, sports, reading, technology as well as speaking  festivals.

Special emphasis  is paid to classroom teaching, with particular attention to individual  learning.  The teaching process involves that of mutual teacher and student  investigations, individual analysis and personal research.  Thus, we aim to  foster democratic, independent and a broad education for equal opportunities.   

Method of Instruction

In accordance with  mother-tongue learning teaching, the aim is to instill structural, situational  and communicative competence. The four processes of listening, speaking, reading  and writing should be followed. Class sizes consist of 18 to 20 students to  enable intensive and social instruction to take place.

Learning Outcomes

The highest  quality of foreign language instruction is expected to build up a good  foundation for future learning of specialties.  Primary students should have  acquired a vocabulary of 2000-2500 words, with the ability of communicating in  daily social context; junior secondary students are expected to have the command  of 5000-5500 words and the ability to read an English daily newspaper and to  understand English broadcasts; and graduates of the senior school are expected  to have a vocabulary above 7500 words, attaining Level Six competence in  English, being the equivalent of the second year level of a student majoring in  English.


                                                           Foreign Teachers  Wanted!

Vacancy: 10

Teachers  or Experts: teaching oral English
Age: below  55
Gender: non-restricted
Nationality:  American, Australian, British, Canadian, New  Zealander
Major: Unlimited
Education: A  degree education certificate (BA or above).
Qualification:  Having got a teacher’s certificate (TESL)

Working Experience:  Two years or above teaching experience
Workload: 18  periods per week (40 minutes per period).
Airfare (RMB):  Round-trip air tickets one year contract

Housing: Free  in Foreigners’ Apartment in the main school, with one separate bedroom, one  bathroom, a toilet, shared kitchens, and with appliances such as washing  machine, refrigerator, furniture, color TV, air conditioner, Telephone, a  computer, internet access.

Other Benefits: Sponsorship  for visa, foreign expert certificate and residence permit; emergency insurance;  travel allowances, etc.

Facility Around: Supermarkets,  Bus Station, Pub, Banks, Others

Contract duration: One  year or above.

Working place: On Xianlin campuses  

Administrative Department: Foreign Affairs  Office

Tel:  +86-25-84027912 / 84027912
Address: No.136 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia  District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, PRC 210023

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